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Will be shared during the discovery call

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I offer 1:1 sessions; monthly coaching; couple's coaching; individual and group mentorship programs

I also create customised mentorship program based on clients' needs

To book a free 30Mins discovery call, email me / DM me in my Instagram inbox / WhatsApp me.

Instagram: @sohailbawaniofficial
WhatsApp: +923342575478

About Me:

Hello there!

Welcome to my CPCP profile. My name is Sohail, and I am from Pakistan.

I entered the field of self-help and healing to heal from codependency and enmeshment. Initially, I never thought about helping others heal, but when I stumbled upon Teal’s Completion Process and her way of shadow and inner-child work, the desire to put myself together soon turned into a passion for helping the collective of which I am a part. On the last day of the CPCP training, during the meet and greet session, Teal wrote on my copy of the Completion Process book, "Help those who you are *meant* to help." This statement solidified my decision to become a healer.

My life is all about going through ego death and rebirth cycles. Whenever a crisis occurs, such as a heartbreak, I am nudged to re-evaluate myself and life circumstances, including identity, relationships, and location. The process of learning and mastering all the landscapes of that particular crisis begins. Finally, it helps me to overcome it. But the process does not stop here. To complete the loop, I am compelled to teach whatever I have learned during the cycle to help others move through similar situations. Many of my 1:1 and group mentorship programs are born out of these death and rebirth cycle experiences. And when I create these programs, clients appear out of nowhere to be mentored by me.

I personally hate these death and rebirth cycles because they are so mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing. They scare the crap out of me. It means insomnia, going through bodily aches, navigating relational breakdowns and emotional suffering, self-doubts, panic attacks, rescheduling personal stuff, etc. I am constantly changing, mutating, shedding, growing, and making space for something new.

But like many of us, I resisted it to the core. I tried escaping, avoiding, enduring, and dissociating from it when I was in my teens. When I became aware, I wanted to heal it, so I began doing shadow work. But nothing worked. I lost hope and faith in healing work, was miserably disappointed, and angry. I thought shadow work is just another type of self-help BS.

But one day, it occurred to me that I was fighting against myself because I hated the part of me that becomes a match to pain and crisis again and again. I began to inquire about the flip side of it: why do I want or need pain? What positive role might it be playing in my life? What is its relevance to my soul mission, if any, if this is a recurrent pattern in my life? And then everything started to make sense. Everything just clicked like the domino effect. A shift occurred within me that activated a new awareness of hidden unconscious parts within me.

I have come to realise the larger meaning behind why I have to go through crises and pain every now and then. It elevates my conscious awareness and the ability to absorb life paradoxes, which Teal describes as the ‘AND Consciousness.’ My higher self or soul has chosen this as the way to grow and expand in the 3D world. Nowadays, I am on a journey to let go of my resistance to crisis and pain and lovingly embrace this part of me.

The process has helped me grow from a person who was trapped in my parents’ house, having no will to live life, to a person who now owns a coaching business, lives in his personal property, has financial and personal freedom, and has intimate connections in just three years.

Having said that, inner-work is an integral part of my life. I have to be constantly doing inner-work to face and resolve my resistance to what is, regrow from it, and teach about it. This is who I am and what I do on a daily basis, whether I am seeing clients or not.


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