Laura Vrijenhoef





Anxiety, Burnout, Creativity, Connection, Intimacy, Depression, Disassosiation, Eating Disorders, Grief, Health Issues, Connecting With Your Heart, Parts Work, Perfectionism, Powerlessness, Relationships, Self Love, Confidence, Sensitivity

Price Per Session:

120 euro

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Ik kijk ernaar uit je te ontmoeten! Liefs! Laura

About Me:

Working with groups and teams as a trainer and manager for many years, I more and more noticed something peculiar. So much individuals tried their very best to not letting show their true emotions. And I could understand why they did. Of course it is 'not professional/allowed/cool/fill in the blank' to show your emotions in public, let alone in your working area. But I saw their struggle to keep connected with life at the same time as well. And I wanted to be able to offer something to individuals to help them overcome their trauma. Because I knew so well from my own experiences (see my CP specialties above) that trauma is keeping us from all these nice things like connection, freedom and bliss .
I am so very glad I am now able to help people doing this beautiful completion proces and I would love to facilitate you if you like.


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