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Paloma White

Paloma White

I work with my clients on Zoom or in my home in Vienna


Spanish, English, German, French


Abundance, Self Acceptance, Anxiety, Burnout, Creativity, Play, Connection, Eating Disorders, Gaslighting, Existential Crisis, Fear, Safety, Connecting With Your Heart, Inner Void, Insecurity, Parts Work, Purpose, Relationships, Self Love, Confidence, Sensitivity, Shame, Social Anxiety

Price Per Session:

200€ (discounted packages available)

Booking Information

I'd love to hear from you!
You've got options...! ;)
🌺 Send an e-mail to palomalindawhite@gmail.com
🌺 Write me on Whatsapp: +4368120918655
🌺 Write me a Facebook message: www.facebook.com/PalomaWhiteCoachingHealing
🌺 Write me through the contact form on my website, where you can also read more about me, the Completion Process and Soul-based Coaching:

About Me:

I’m 8 years old. My forehead is throbbing, my eyes red and swollen and my face soaked in tears. It’s the late afternoon. I’m on the floor, overwhelmed and distressed. My mom is standing over me, trying to calm me down with well-meant words of reason, though she herself is clearly feeling confused and exasperated.
It's my homework. It's too hard. I have to write sentences with different words from a vocabulary list to show I know their meaning. But I don’t know what they mean. They are new words to me. The more I try, the harder it feels, and the harder it feels the more overwhelmed my mind gets and it seems impossible that I’ll ever be able to do it. But not doing it is not okay. No one has explicitly told me this but I've already decided it. I’ve never not finished my homework. I'm a good girl.

I’m 28 years old. After a prestigious university career I’m about to start my second job post-graduation. My first job with a consultancy firm ended with me spending 3 months on sick leave due to work-induced anxiety. Now, trembling and fragile, I’m about to brave my second job, this time as a purchasing agent. My physical body is in a therapist’s office. My consciousness however is back in my parent’s room, witnessing my younger self crying and overwhelmed. I immediately know what to do. I get down on the floor next to her. I take her in my arms. I hold her. “It’s okay”, I say. "You don’t have to finish your homework. I’ll talk with the teacher tomorrow. It’s okay…”

Hi! My name is Paloma. It means “dove” in Spanish. Fitting, since I love birds 🕊

I thought I’d share with you my first experience with inner-child work. It’s an important turning-point in my life:

Before: Terrified by the work environment, panicked at the thought of making mistakes, certain my bosses regretted hiring me and that I’m a disappointment. Trying desperately to survive the work day with a brain hijacked by insecurity.

After: I can feel confident and comfortable in environments and around people that used to feel very intimating. I know and love myself and as a result feel at ease in the world. Little Paloma and I are so close that she no longer feels like she's on her own, exposed in a harsh, critical, unsafe world.

I'm a life coach and emotional healer. In addition to being a Certified Completion Process Practitioner I'm also a Certified Soul-based Coach, a modality which allows me to help my clients access their deepest soul-knowing, which presents itself in the form of symbols and inner-landscapes. It's also a beautifully gentle yet deeply powerful tool for parts-work and integration.

I love helping others connect with and heal the parts of themselves that live life against a backdrop of social and performance anxiety and a feeling of needing to be perfect, with related issues like extreme self-consciousness, obsessive worry about how others perceive you, self-worth attached entirely to doing and being productive, lack of energy, 'laziness', the inner void, confusion, dissociation, stressful and guilt-inducing family dynamics, and coping mechanisms that pendulum swing between control and compulsion, for example with food.
I know how amazing it is to genuinely heal, emotionally and mentally, and see how that leads to a radically improved life, full of authenticity, nourishing relationships and a sense of possibility and freedom.
I’d love to help you experience your own healing breakthroughs.

I'm half American (born in Arizona, raised in Colorado), half Spanish (my mom is from the north of Spain), 35 years old and live together with my boyfriend in Vienna, Austria for the past 9 years. Before that I lived in Paris and New York, which is where I did my university studies. I have degrees in International Relations, International Law and Sustainable Development.

After those first difficult employments, I decided to follow my heart and became a social worker during the refugee crises in Europe in 2015. I loved my job so much! I worked primarily with under-aged refugees from Afghanistan, Somalia and Nigeria.
In 2017 I decided I wanted to focus on helping people heal emotionally and began my private practice. And I'm so glad I did. I absolutely love this work. :)

The current world situation is causing individual and collective shadows to rush to the surface at a dizzying rate.
I too am feeling the intensity of these strange new times, which is why I'm so grateful for the tools I've acquired over the years to go directly into the aspects of self that want to be seen, understood, and integrated.
I'm ready to be here for you, to hold space for real emotional work and a provide a gentle guidance to navigate through the processes and assure healing shifts occur within you.
Healing is possible and the energy of these times means it's closer than ever.

If you are you drawn to this work but also feel fears or doubts, know that all parts are welcome to our sessions. It's important they be listened to and that their needs and perspectives be considered, precisely because that is what makes healing possible.

I offer a free discovery call to begin, which is a chance to share where you are in your healing process and what you would like to have happen in your life.

A question I often get is: how many sessions will I need and how quickly will I see results?

Integration is a multi-layered, life-long journey. I've been committed to shadow work, inner-child work, and other self-loving practices for 6 years and my life has been revolutionized for the better. New layers of healing are always becoming available. It's empowering and exciting to do this work.

So while the 'work' is never done, it's also true that every session is a complete healing experience and you will feel the improvement after each session. That is something that I make sure of! I make sure that your mind and body move fully through a complete layer of healing. This could mean that a traumatic experience is seen, care-taken and provided resolution. It might be that parts that were in the shadows are welcomed into the light where they can participate openly and authentically in the ongoing conversation that is your inner world, an inner world that will become tangibly more self-loving with each session. Whatever unfolds, every layer of healing has a ripple effect that makes more and more positive change in your life possible.
Teal often says: The better it gets, the better it gets.
And I can confirm, from years of seeing it in myself and in my clients, that these processes accelerate healing changes like no others.

Have more questions for me? Don't be shy (or be shy, I don't mind!) but do send them over! I'm happy to get back to you with answers.

I facilitate in English but you can speak in French, Spanish or German

I'd love to hear from you!
These are the ways you can connect with me:
🌺 Send an e-mail to palomalindawhite@gmail.com
🌺 Write me on Whatsapp: +4368120918655
🌺 Write me a Facebook message: www.facebook.com/PalomaWhiteCoachingHealing
🌺 Write me through the contact form on my website, where you can also read more about me, the Completion Process and Soul-based Coaching:

Booking Information: