Aimee McElroy


United States



Addictions, Fostering, Boundaries Codependency, Isolation, Cult Survivors, Ritual Trauma, Depression, Disassosiation, Eating Disorders, Gaslighting, Endurism, Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions, Safety, Grief, Connecting With Your Heart, Insecurity, LGBTQ, Parts Work, Perfectionism, Physical Abuse, Powerlessness, Anger, Sexual Trauma, Self Love, Shame

Price Per Session:

$200 for 1 Session $550 3 session package

Booking Information


Phone: 971.420.6776

About Me:

I love this process. As a person who spent the entirety of my life in extremely abusive situations and deep addictions and isolation, I am a perfect example of the effectiveness of The Completion Process. I am a strong channel, and an empath, and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to facilitate you and hold you through your deepest traumas and help you to see what is on the other side thru this process.


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