Jeanne Surmont



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Abundance, Self Acceptance, Ancestral Trauma, Anxiety, Burnout, Creativity, Connection, Depression, Dissapointment, Grief, Connecting With Your Heart, Parts Work, Powerlessness, PTSD, Relationships, Self Love, Separation

Price Per Session:

200 € / session (1,5 -2 h). Reductions for students, low income and packages. Ask me!

Booking Information

For booking please send an email to or visit my Internet site: The first connection session (about 20 min) is free.

About Me:

FOR TESTIMONIALS please visit:"
ALTERNATIVE PSYCHOTHERAPIST (HPPsy) in Germany. I work in my private practice in Munich/Schwabing and online around the globe.
COMPLETION PROCESS PRACTITIONER since May 2016. Teal's message to me was that I am especially able to help you uncovering transgenerational or ancestral trauma. I am also someone that tends to help others to embody fully on this planet, to feel any emotions fully and to retrieve any aspects that have gone astray or have been implanted in someone else.
CLARITY BREATHWORK (Former REBIRTHING) PRACTITIONER to help you activate subconscious material and to move through blockages.
ART THERAPIST to help express the inexpressible. For online sessions I mostly use art for home assignments that we discuss in online sessions.
KEY TO THE HEART METHOD PRACTITIONER by Safi Nidiaye to integrate emotions into the core of your being (heart). An amazing tool to integrate very straight forward and find relief.
I am 100% committed and I absolutely love my work. I have had more than 1500 single sessions and have held more than 100 group sessions. The main issues I see in my practice are: relationships, loneliness, neglect, lack of connection, depression, anxiety, grief, physical health issues, gestation and birth trauma, collective trauma, and (yes Teal was right) transgenerational trauma.
I work mainly with the Completion Process (to integrate traumatized aspects), Clarity Breathwork (formerly know as Re-birthing to activate subconscious mind and move through blockages) and Parts Work (to gain awareness of coping strategies, resistance and opposing forces), but I also use elements of ZEN meditative techniques.

My personal healing journey started intensively in 2008 with emotional integration work, mostly through meditative, heart-centered and shamanic and plant medicine practices. I suffered from depression, loneliness burnout, eating disorder, severe back pains (since childhood) and severe heart-breaks. Today I can say, I was able to shift my life completely towards what I never dared to dream of.
I am looking forward to hold space for you and to guide you safely to the unhealed aspects of yourself and to integrate them in the core of your being.


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