Tristen Tran

Park City


United States



Self Acceptance, Intimacy, Dissapointment, Divine Feminine, Gaslighting, Existential Crisis, Parts Work, Perfectionism, PTSD, Purpose, Self Love, Sensitivity, Shame

Price Per Session:

250 (205 Packages)

Booking Information

Email me at to book a free 20 min consultation!

About Me:

I have had the honor to work for Teal at her CP Trainings and Curveball events as part of her team for 4 years now which has greatly influenced the way I work with people. In my practice, I use both the Completion Process and Parts Work with clients. A lot of sessions are intuitive where I attune to what you are needing in each moment whether it’s to dive into a series of questions to find a core belief, validation, feeling into the body or to reflect patterns I notice that are in the way of getting what you want.

The way I got into this work is the way that most people in this field have, trauma. The trauma I underwent in childhood left me emotionally and psychologically damaged. I was completely lost, depressed, dissociated, empty, consumed by self-hate, and triggered by practically everything with no sense of belonging. Everything about life hurt, sending me very quickly down the healing path.

It was in finding Teal’s work and the Completion Process that I began to heal by going to these deep, dark spaces that were calling to me through my triggers.

I now carry these understandings from confronting my own trauma into the work I do with clients. This practice of healing is something I devote my life to. I deeply enjoy being a support for others on their journey of healing.


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