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Abandonment, Abundance, Self Acceptance, Fostering, Anxiety, Boundaries Codependency, Narcisissm, Connection, Intimacy, Depression, Disassosiation, Gaslighting, Connecting With Your Heart, LGBTQ, Panic Attacks, Parts Work, Physical Abuse, Powerlessness, PTSD, Anger, Relationships, Sexual Trauma, Self Love, Confidence, Shame, Social Anxiety

Price Per Session:

340CAD per session for a package of (3) or 326CAD per session for a package of 6 or 300CAD per session for a package of 12

Booking Information

Please go to my website or personally send me an email :
Payment plans are available.
If you live in Canada and are willing to do bank transfer I can give you a %15 discount because of reduced fees.

About Me:

Hello, my Name is Ashen, I would love to share with you a little about myself, how my sessions work and what I can offer you in these containers.

My Story:

Coming to this work for me was like finding a light in a dark tunnel that seemed to go on for infinity a darkness and a hell I felt like I couldn’t ever get out of. I had been suicidal most of my life, experiencing ptsd, being scape goated by society, shamed, out casted, feeling totally unmet by everyone in my life and completely alone. I suffered from narcissistic abuse from multiple people in both childhood and adulthood. So I know powerlessness like an old friend I’ll never truly lose but that has grown and changed with me through this work to become empowerment. I did deep layers of healing and committed to changing my life head on since I found Teal’s work when I was 17 years old but things only really started getting majorly better when I started doing completion process and parts work with facilitators. I had been doing It on my own up until my CpCp training in 2019. Before my training I had also gotten mentorship with a Shaman for a year, and started practicing shamanism, I was born extrasensory psychic with clairvoyant, and clairsentient abilities, studied as a Qigong teacher and learned Chinese energy healing. Once I committed to doing this work I faced my shadows head on doing multiple sessions a week for a year, which turned into once a week or twice a month the next year and occasional support on a monthly basis the following year. Everything in my life changed and completion process completely saved my life. I entered my heart space, healed with nature, left abusive romantic relationships and created healthy ones with male containment, worked through a lot of my sexual ptsd, healed family relationships, created healthy relationships and a healthy life in every choice that I made. All the areas in my life that used to feel hopeless came together piece by piece as Teal says “ the better it gets the better it gets”.

What I offer and what I can do for you: I believe in the upmost quality work and strive for excellence, growing learning and have personally experienced the difference in deep healing work. In my own training Teal told me after a facilitation done on me that I had healed an entire hole in my left aura in one session and after that I became obsessed with recreating that level of healing in myself and in my clients. In my experience each client needs something so entirely unique and different, and I am a ninja at breaking past resistance, emotional barriers, as well as blocks. My passion for the work I do comes from my heart and genuine desire to help people out of suffering and hold their hand. I am a deeply nourishing motherly figure but also have a hugely protective, container and a strong presence energy and lead. No matter how bad your trauma is it’s my commitment to face it and be everything I possibly can be for you through it. I am diligent and hold a powerful presence and container. My super talent other than attuning to my clients is my incredible affinity for parts work, I can hold 9 streams of thought all at once, so I can build on resolution and remember information that will help me make break throughs with a part later on, I see through their strategies and blind spots, meet their needs and hold a deep container for where they are while simultaneously processing where I could take them. I am committed to understanding my clients and their unique needs and helping them integrate deeply. As Teal once said completion process is like 10 years of traditional mainstream therapy and I have really seen that with my clients and myself. I hold my clients accountable to make tangible changes in their life along side being a powerful resource for breaking the barriers to get their and being facilitating deep alchemy in the process. As the sunrises and sets, as the moon wanes and waxes as seasons change, we are also capable of deep profound change and becoming entirely new people living life that is thriving abundant and full of what is wanted. We must face what is unwanted first and dive into the depths of our emotional pain like diving straight into the tsunami and coming up for air once more.

I have also trained in hypnotherapy and NLP (though I use these modalities consciously and am aware of the shadows associated with them). I also have volunteered at cpcp trainings and done shadow work trades with a part of Teal Swans community. Going to these events and being friends with members of her community deeply changed my ability to do even better work with my clients as well as profoundly transformed the consciousness and standards I walk with in my own life. Feel free to communicate with me directly about any questions or concerns you may have working with me I would love to hear from you.



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