Amanda Haas

San Antonio, Texas

United States



Self Acceptance, Anxiety, Burnout, Boundaries Codependency, Creativity, Connection, Depression, Denial, Gaslighting, Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions, Fear, Safety, General Practice, Connecting With Your Heart, LGBTQ, Panic Attacks, Parts Work, Perfectionism, Purpose, Self Love, Confidence, Sensitivity, Shame, Social Anxiety

Price Per Session:

$180 (90 minute session)

Booking Information

Please email me to schedule at with "CP Sessions" in the subject line.

Same day sessions are available.

I offer a free 20 minute intro call for new clients.

About Me:

I FOUND my way to the Completion Process the same way most people do... through a lot of personal trauma. After years of struggling with anxiety and depression, going to therapy, trying different medications, and reading a ton of self-help books, I found something that actually worked!

I fell in love with the Completion Process.

What I find powerful about this process is how it turns us back in the direction of "that thing" we're so afraid of - whatever it is. That feeling, that memory, that thought, etc. that we've been spending SO MUCH ENERGY running away from. Usually without even realizing it.

This constant running is exhausting.

I love how the Completion Process puts us back in touch with the parts of ourselves that need our love and attention the most.

At the end of all that running, when we finally look "that thing" in the face, we usually find out it's nothing more than our own pain and vulnerability, crying out for our help all this time. It just needed something. It needed our attention. It wasn't trying to destroy us after all!

THAT SAID, it isn't easy for any of us to go into those dark and painful places we've been avoiding. It can be scary. Or overwhelming. Our coping mechanisms can prevent us from "going there" over and over again.

This is why it's powerful to have support. We all need things like emotional presence, validation, empathy, safety, understanding, appreciation, reflection, and connection. We all have traumas, fears, shame, outdated beliefs, and painful emotions that we're afraid to face alone.

We can work with all of that!

MY PASSION is to help people reconnect with experiences of safety, connection, nourishment, kindness, and respect through emotional integration. I will bring my experience in trauma-informed care, Soul-Based Coaching, and emotional healing to our sessions, so that you can express yourself freely and explore whatever comes up for you during each session.

You can't do this wrong.

The truth is, we ALL have some trauma. And if you’ve had some interpersonal trauma, it makes sense that you don't feel 100% safe reaching out. That's why it can be SO healing to experience connection in a safe container where your boundaries are not only respected, they are welcomed and encouraged!

I BELIEVE in the power of the Completion Process, parts work, and emotional presence to change lives and dramatically improve the world, because they literally transformed my life.

I went from living with constant anxiety, severe depression, insecurity, worry, and loneliness, to (WOW!) more meaningful connections, appreciation for my journey, a sense of purpose, calm, and the feeling of constant growth.

Practically speaking...
♥ I went from numbing out by drinking a bottle of wine a day ...
... to total sobriety and excitement about my life.
♥ From living "in the closet" with a lot of secrecy and shame ...
... to the freedom of speaking my truth and "letting it all hang out."
♥ From deep depression, anxiety, and panic attacks...
... to actual awareness of my emotions and the important needs they were trying to convey!

And while today I don't always like everything in my life, I trust myself to make positive changes as I go. I approach my reality with more curiosity. I care about how each of my internal parts feels and experiences the world. And as a result, I can connect more deeply with others too.

FOR ME, this process began with my commitment to reach out for support when I needed it. I hope that you will keep reaching out too! There is always some form of support available. And we can open ourselves to receiving more and more each day.

It’s my dream that you can feel safe, appreciated, understood, and nourished as you grow and learn in this healing process.

I would be honored to be part of your journey.

Please reach out any time.

I'm also trained in:
♡ Soul-Based Coaching
♡ Parts Work
♡ Usui Reiki
♡ Angelic Reiki
♡ Trauma-Informed Care
♡ Non-Violent Communication
♡ Plant-Based Nutrition
♡ Cuddle Therapy


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