Norma Cohn

Las Vegas

United States

Spanish, English


Abandonment, Self Acceptance, Addictions, Ancestral Trauma, Anxiety, Betrayal, Boundaries Codependency, Narcisissm, Core Negative Imprint, Creativity, Connection, Isolation, Intimacy, Depression, Disassosiation, Eating Disorders

Price Per Session:

$150.00 1 Session /3 sessions for $333 /10 sessions for $1000

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About Me:

Hello and welcome!

My name is Norma Cohn, I recently fell in love with The Completion Process so couldn’t wait to be certified and bring it to my hypnotherapy practice. I offer sessions in both English and Spanish.

How my journey started:

I moved to the United States running away from emotional, mental and physical and sexual abuse trying to live a new life while caring with me shame, trauma, rejection, abandonment amongst other types of trauma. Not knowing I could release it. I held onto that pain for many years.

When I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, I also noticed the birth of a desire to heal my own childhood trauma. I wanted to avoid damaging my own child. Thus began my journey into healing.

I wanted to break the patterns of generational trauma, shame, abuse, abandonment, neglect, isolation, rejection and more. I share this with you because having been there myself, I can understand you and meet you at your most vulnerable moment and hold space for you, and validate your inner child. You are not alone anymore. We can do this together all the way.

While I learned many wonderful modalities, I discovered that the Completion Process is the most powerful healing modality. It is the only process that allows the space for conscious and unconscious minds to work together with the goal of integration. Not only do you integrate yourself, you also empower yourself. What a bonus!

In 2009 I had a NDE while having back surgery, this experience changed my whole perspective of life. I gained knowledge and understanding of a higher truth. Today as I continue my journey I continue to fall in love each day more and more with healing of the soul, the mental and the emotional body. I made the integration process my daily life, with parts work and the completion process added to my hypnotherapy services I can now help my clients at a much deeper level.

Each day I help people hold a space of awareness in a safe, loving and unconditional presence environment either in person at my office in Las Vegas, or online. If you feel that I can provide the loving space of awareness for you while you hold presence with your pain, please feel free to book a discovery call.

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