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Abundance, Self Acceptance, Addictions, Ancestral Trauma, Betrayal, Boundaries Codependency, Narcisissm, Isolation, Intimacy, Depression, Divine Feminine, Gaslighting, Safety, Grief, Connecting With Your Heart, Insecurity, Parts Work, Powerlessness, Purpose, Anger, Relationships, Sexual Trauma, Self Love, Sensitivity, Shame, Social Anxiety

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About Me:

Hi, welcome! I am Dayeon from Seoul, South Korea. I was born and raised in Korea and had lived in Vladivostok, Russia, for 7 years.

I love to support people during their darkest times because I understand how it feels, and I know everyone can transform their darkness into gold. Supporting this process brings me the deepest joy.

In my family, I was both the scapegoat and the golden child. I experienced depression, powerlessness, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, shame, guilt, gaslighting, and abuse from a narcissist—challenges I never expected to overcome. During those times, I kept my inner light hidden so that no one could notice or take it away, and I even forgot it was there for a long time. However, after I began my healing journey in 2020 and discovered Teal Swan, my life started to change. Each time I healed a part of myself, I proclaimed to the world, "Yes, this is the life I truly want to live." This process of improvement makes me excited about how life can become even more joyful with like-minded people.

However, I understand that the healing process is not always easy. There were times when I wanted to give up during healing crises, feeling as if healing didn't work. Now, I see those moments as opportunities for significant growth.

I am now a trauma healing facilitator specializing in Parts Work and the Completion Process, approaching each session with intense intimacy, curiosity, and non-judgment. During the Curveball retreat, Teal conveyed to me through writing, "You are the light. Find other people of light and ignite others. Your sharp insight is a gift."

So, yes—I truly want to connect with you and help ignite your light, recognizing your desires and affirming that you deserve a better life. Whether you are in your dark night of the soul or simply feeling unstable, you are always welcome to contact me.


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