Marilyn Tennant


North Carolina

United States



Addictions, Adoption, Anxiety, Athletes, Burnout, Creativity, Intimacy, Depression, Disassosiation, Divine Feminine, Eating Disorders, Chronic Illness, Health Issues, PTSD, Sexual Trauma, Self Love

Price Per Session:

$155 per session. Session times last until you’re done. Make a one time payment of 4 sessions for $620 and get a 5th one free. 5 pack bundle includes 5 sessions, monthly community breathwork classes, and one 30 min emergency call on What’s App.

Booking Information

Free 15 minute consultation before your first session.

email me at for any questions

About Me:

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Thank you for clicking on my profile. You are very brave for taking the next step towards your healing. Now you are looking for the practitioner who resonates with you the most. Thank you for giving me that chance. Let me tell you a little bit about me.
My job as a CPCP is to be a bridge to your subconscious without any interference so that you may find what is needed to heal, unadulterated and purely from your own perspective.
I am patient. I can allow the time it takes to get there, however long you need to get there.
Also, I am a...
Registered Nurse-my medical background gives me insight into disease processes and strengthens my ability to work with people in traumatic situations.
Breathwork Facilitator- This background has developed my emotional muscle and navigating emotional releases.
Sexual trauma survivor- I know what it is like to carry this burden.
Living in sobriety after a life of addiction- Again, I know this burden. This has given me a level of empathy that allows me to approach CP with compassion for all.
Mother- Being a mom of 2 boys has leveled up my attunement with people during inner-child work. I also have a newfound respect for others and deep concern for the future and well-being of the planet.
Twin Flame- I know the ascension journey and the life-changing growth that comes with this type of awakening.
I truly believe that the above challenges have come into my reality in order to help others that are going through similar effects & situations. When I first read The Completion Process and practiced it for the first time, I was astonished. I saw the effects and knew this was something the world is in dire need of. I wanted to be a part of that movement. I wanted to be a part of something that was actually making positive change.
What to expect
I've been told that my CP sessions go very deep. I am not afraid to go into your darkest shadows to help you find the missing pieces of your truth. I have also been told I hold presence and do not give up. If you feel you have a difficult situation, I may be a practitioner that will work well for you. I work hard to help you find the pieces to move toward completion. Please reach out if you are looking for a practitioner that is comfortable with creating a safe space for you to feel emotions fully and go deeper than you ever have before.


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