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Abandonment, Abundance, Ancestral Trauma, Betrayal, Core Negative Imprint, Depression, Divine Feminine, Endurism, Existential Crisis, General Practice, Grief, Health Issues, Parts Work, Powerlessness, PTSD, Sexual Trauma, Self Love, Confidence, Shame, Social Anxiety

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When I look around the world, my number one desire is that people come to a regulated, self-loving place where they can then extend that love all around them. I would've liked to say that it was serendipity which led me to my passion of exploring the human experience, but that is only partly true.
It was after losing a close friend to suicide and having the quenching need to fill the void within, I took the path towards healing.
Along the way, following my joy while understanding human suffering, I became a CPCP in 2018, prior to which I finished my Graduation in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Psychology & Psychotherapy. After witnessing the magic of The Completion Process, both, with myself and those I guided.. I went on to acquire training in different modalities like Pranic Healing, Internal Family Systems and Clinical Hypnotherapy.
As I helped myself, I found joy in helping others.
I have also developed my own method called The Trauma-Informed Manifestation Method, wherein I tune into the several parts present and help the client resolve the stuckness in their way of living out their version of their ideal life all while accounting in the somatic aftereffects of having been raised in our current society. I recognise that it is a privilege to be in this position of a practitioner and I look forward to working with you.


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