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***I accommodate sessions at various hours of the day. If you live outside USA, no problem.

About Me:

Specializes in **PARTS WORK**

Certified CP Practitioner Since 2018

I have 20+ years’ experience as a professional educator and care giver in various schools and homes. I have witnessed positives as well as: stress, rebellion, gaslighting, scapegoating, emotional/physical abuse, etc. in children and adults. The subsequent effects can cause the self to shift their personality, shamefully or forcefully creating shadows (unseen authentic) parts within themselves on a subconscious level for acceptance and connection, to cope with their situation and environment. I was able to see and understand all this and why on a deeper level after I became a CP Practitioner. The subconscious can dominate adulthood in unhealthy ways that stemmed from childhood, therefore, wanting to help you create harmony with your subconscious.
Healing Trauma | My Encounter With The Completion Process
The Completion Process helped me unlock traumatic memories I was not aware of. One example out of many, gestational trauma. From feeling unworthiness/depression to death in the womb. Intense foreign memories that unfolded under The Completion Process or Parts Work, to me, felt made up. Created all in my mind. Knowing nothing about my birth experience except that I was born a month early and had to spend a short time in ICU due to early birth. My parents oh so casual, no big deal, way of explaining my birth was so convincing that I believed them without feeling there was more to it than told my whole life, until…

I retrieved my first gestational trauma in my thirties while exploring the root cause of my neck pain. I had this pain for many years forcing myself to get used to it because it was something I thought I would never fully heal from. Describing the pain in session, feeling hard as a rock, I naturally got my body to curl up. Then gradually surrendered to the feeling which led to a memory of myself feeling like I was in my mother's womb stiff as a board. In that position, I felt the need to be totally still because if I moved, I was going to die. Also, I became aware for the first time that my father truthfully didn’t want my mother to give birth to me (I kept going in and out of this memory because a part of me thought I was totally insane for thinking this was true and another part couldn’t help but feel what I was feeling). I never knew my father felt this way, ever. Most of my life I never really knew my father. A quiet person with only a few words, never vulnerable.

After resolving and healing the memory, my neck pain disappeared instantaneously, forever!! Pain free since 2018! It felt a bit creepy experiencing such a healed state right after integration and having the pain for so many years. It was a miraculous moment for me. Thankfully, I was able to confirm this detail with my mother first. To be frank, my mother went ghost in the face when I first told her about my discovery because the only people that knew of this story was my mother and father. According to her, my parents fought most nights until I was born because my father wanted my mother to have an abortion. Her detailed memory was exactly the same in my session! I had many more detailed sessions thereafter, memories that came up in gestation and confirmed by my mother many times. It was a painful journey she and I took while revisiting her traumatic past.

It took me a couple of years to find the right moment to reveal what I discovered to my father. When it happened, we both felt the wall between us come down. I got to witness the huge amount of guilt he held to punish himself lifted off him. The strange distant relationship that kept us separated no longer existed.

Continuing with CP/Parts work, I gradually discovered the most suppressed and separated part of me, consciously dove deeper and deeper into my shadow. I will never forget the 'Christ/Lucifer' integration. Changed my life forever. For the BEST. It was the most rebellious, demon, painful part of me that was so full of hate. Terrified to acknowledge this part in the beginning. This part never felt accepted by the world, even from its own self. This part hid away from everything and everyone. So full of verbal violence towards love and the world, only to later discover, underneath it all, was my deserted young child self. Desperately wanted to be understood but painfully accepted that she was never going to receive it. She found positivity in the shadow. Thought love in the light abandoned her. Believed love was negative. Once I had a breakthrough with both parts fully seeing, hearing, and understanding each other, I experienced the most loving blissful feeling state ever from both parts. Bridged the gap to the most separated self in me. Since this healing, any contrasting parts that arise in the conscious now feel completely safe in wanting to see, hear, and understand each other genuinely to create a win-win scenario for all parts involved.

It all came together at this point of self-discovery. Integrated states create peaceful solutions to opposites. Creating peace and not war. Like the famous yin-yang symbol, knowing how to understand each other, equally valued. Every emotion is a double-edged sword. It's knowing how to create a win-win scenario from the double- edge.

This emotional work is not like a ship sailing on the surface of the ocean. I will take you in a submarine to dive deep with you, together, to the deepest part of your shadow. Not all integrations are this intense, but I have collected various tools along the way as a facilitator to help you in any scenario that may arise. Ready and prepared. This is my PASSION. You can be scared to surrender, like learning how to swim for the first time, but I have been there already and know how to guide you, together, devoted to your safety for you to feel safe. To be truly seen, heard, and understood to create a win-win for all parts of you. Your healing is also my healing. I am able to take on your resistance through parts work so you can see a reflection of yourself, another option of resolution.
This journey is literally Ayahuasca, sober. All parts of you are accepted.

"Silvia, I love your mind. It is like quicksilver. Your intellect is a gift." -Teal Swan

As an emotional surgeon, I want to use my gift to help you find yours. We will break barriers to create unity, peace, and healing together, not separately. You will be surprised how much love shadow protects your unseen parts. Witness the unfoldment of your protective layers to reveal your authentic beautiful core. As the core wouldn’t be fully beautiful without the blossom of the layers.


***Mirror Moons- Birthed from CP. Organic dialogue. Experiencing safe connection.

***IG: ssilviahhong


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