Subrina Witt

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Abundance, Addictions, Anxiety, CPTSD, Cult Survivors, Ritual Trauma, Disassosiation, Eating Disorders, Existential Crisis, Parts Work, Sexual Trauma, Self Love, Shame

Price Per Session:

$225 USD/hour + $50 each additional 15 min. Discounting for hardships will sometimes be available on a case by case basis, so please inquire if you are in need.

Booking Information

Email me at: to book a free discovery call

About Me:


Hello, and welcome. Thank you for visiting!

It is an honor to work with those who are courageous enough to ask for help, and look inside for answers. What I share with you is everything I have personally used and studied in my own healing journey, and through my years practicing 'Holistic Coaching' and 'Completion Process'.

I use my intuition to help you find and connect with your inner children. Your inner children hold the keys to finding your joy, passion, and purpose in life. Learn to use your intuition to meet the inner children inside you. Transform limiting beliefs that no longer serve and learn to create new nurturing beliefs that change how you experience life.

The types of trauma I specialize in are those I have been through. As a child I experienced systematic trauma in which my memories were repressed and compartmentalized. Throughout my life I had multiple breakdowns and was diagnosed with severe mental illness. I tried multiple forms of therapies and nothing worked to help me learn how to cope with life's challenges. A few years ago after an incredible life challenge, I was introduced to something that actually worked to create an experience of connectedness and joy I had never experienced before. This modality was Holistic Coaching that introduced me to inner child integration and healing. I began to notice the way I experienced life start to change in ways I never knew possible. At that point I dedicated my life to healing myself. Slowly I began to experience trust and connection within myself. The continued choice to undo my conditioning was not easy. Many times I nearly died on this journey. What I know now is I was already dead.

My purpose continues to unfold. It was shown to me through going toward my suffering and learning how to transmute it, rather than continuing to find ways to run from it. I have dedicated my life to following my joy, and helping others learn how to heal themselves and follow their joy.

I am able and honored to help you meet and reclaim your inner children. Please contact me by email for a free discovery session at:


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