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  • Carsten Willert

  • Carsten Willert
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  • Carsten
  • Willert
  • carstenwillert
  • Abandonment, Addictions, Boundaries Codependency, General Practice, Relationships, Self Love
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  • My primary professional background is in business; particularly the airline industry. Yet over 7 years ago I decided for a change of direction in my life and alongside with it a change in profession. I went back to school and university to become a certified coach, mediator and therapist. During my constant search for what life is really about I came across Teal; who I dearly treasure, value and respect as one of the best spiritual teachers of our time. In February 2018 I added to my repertoire of therapeutic tools the Completion Process as a very powerful means to healing of traumas and becoming whole again.

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