Calee Tse

Den Haag


English, Yue (Cantonese), Dutch


Abandonment, Abundance, Adoption, Ancestral Trauma, Boundaries Codependency, CPTSD, Play, Connection, Depression, Divine Feminine, Gaslighting, Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions, Family Crisis, Parts Work, Purpose, Relationships, Self Love

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Booking Information

I offer free consulting for you to ask any questions and to get to a ' feel' for each other. I have sessions via zoom or we can meet face to face in my practice in The Hague, The Netherlands

Feel free to contact me via email: Please mention your time zone so I can send you time options that are appropriate.

About Me:

Are you looking for a practitioner to support you moving forwards and living your fullest potential and simultaneously gets turned on by trauma and shadow work? I combine positive focus and shadow work in an aligned manner which creates the best of both worlds. It is the scared alchemy of your talents, purpose and joy in conjunction with your resistance, patterns and copings mechanisms.

I am into creative ways to emerge from trauma and apply the insights into the playfield of life. I can show you ways to regulate and create safety in your nervous system. How to express your needs and have them met with the right people and communicate your boundaries in an effective yet gentle and authentic manner.

I am highly intuitive, my session are always attuned to what serving you for your highest potential at that moment. I create a supersafe and protective healing field to allow you to be seen, heard and felt with softness and care. I have strong intuitive abilities, an empathic heart and sharp mental mind. I thrive and know what to do in darkness AND I carry a light side, the medicine of fun, self love, curiosity, sense of humor and arts.

So have you been doing a bit of innerwork and therapy now you feel ready to go deeper and get unstuck in order to manifest the life you want; I offer packages of 3 month or 6 months containment, with session very 2 weeks. You have questions and pricing please feel free to contact me.

Who am I?

I am a mom and business owner with love for acting, dancing and modelling. I pack backed for 2 years all over the world and I lived in several countries.

I grew up in a strict and abusive home with a high expectation for perfection. As a little girl I was the scape-goat and the golden child at the same time. I spend my childhood living in a major gaslight, emotional neglect and self hatred. The world and relationships felt unsafe. I was clueless about who I am and what I feel. Being of asian decent I carry the ancestral imprints of war, poverty, deep shame, abuse against women.

I feel lucky to have met the right guides/ Teal Swan, coaches/ CPCPs and other therapists on my path to help me transform my pain and suffering into gold and empowerment.

I spend the last 10 years in self development and I still do my own innerwork all the time.
Because I want to keep growing, expanding and create more capacity to receive and to give love.

We all need support as we are interdependent relational beings. Reach out to me and let us grow and expand into a version that is truly YOU. It’s the best gift you can give yourself, your ( future/ inner ) children and the world. My wish for you is to be authentically you and love all parts of that.


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