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  • idjy
  • Eve
  • idjy
  • Work Addiction, Disassosiation, Gaslighting, General Practice, Parts Work
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  • Because of emotionaly unstable caretakers, I developped the abilty to dissociate and shift perspective very easily. This makes me very good at finding "approval" and benefits for you being in this current lousy situation.
    I am now over 30, spent time being bullied, not fitting into people's reassuring boxes and failing at being less than myself; I am what people call "multipotential", which means I have skills in various unrelated domains and use most of them on a daily basis.
    I have a first-hand understanding of geek-related stuff, D/s and BDSM, creativity blocks and French educational traumas.
    If looking at my picture makes you want to run, you will probably get a lot from contacting me 😉

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  • English, French
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