Phillip Kayrouz

Sydney NSW


English, Arabic


Ancestral Trauma, Anxiety, CPTSD, Cult Survivors, Ritual Trauma, Depression, Disassosiation, Eating Disorders, Existential Crisis, Grief, Incest, LGBTQ, Panic Attacks, Parts Work, PTSD, Sexual Trauma, Self Love, Shame, Social Anxiety

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Trauma & Spiritual Awakening are Interrelated

Specializing in the treatment of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, sexual abuse and institutionalized trauma.

My aim is to help you address your trauma and help you navigate your life to live, not just survive so you may with support further transcend deep pain wounds and suffering. You may have grown up experiencing abuse and abandonment, and later discovered, this can affect you in your adult lives.

Abuse may have generated body image issues, shame, poor self-esteem and lead to isolation, self-harm, depression, addictions, and eating disorder psychopathology. Shame and the effects of trauma can impact people of all ages, genders and across all cultures. Shame can survive every part of your being long after the physical acts and abuses have ceased. Exposure to new behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs may shift your perspective to one of hope and realization. Learning how to surrender and let go of what disturbs your peace may provide a pathway to life satisfaction and overall well being. Providing a safe, comfortable and confidential setting via zoom, I can offer treatment in which concerns of old programing, self defeating narratives and suicidal ideation can be surrendered.

I work with many different ages, cultures. and people of diverse genders, sexualities and/or intersex status (LGBTIQA+). I provide a patient, compassion and safe container in which you can be supported to breathe.

I also have an existential view on human life. I acknowledge that trauma, healing and spiritual awakening are interrelated. The counseling I provide can help individuals seeking support to recognise and navigate trauma, abuse and spiritual awakening. I further provide support and discussion for individuals to move towards setting a conscious intention to connect with your Soul.
Psychology Degree, University (Sydney, Australia) Masters of Counseling (University ongoing). Trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy (Australia), Mediumship (England), Pranic Healing (Singapore). I am trained in Parts Work, Completion Process, Psychotherapy, Pranic Healing, Mediumship, Soul Reading, and Energy Healing


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