Corinna Eckenstein

Park City


United States

English, German


Addictions, Athletes, Boundaries Codependency, Core Negative Imprint, Play, Connection, Dissapointment, Eating Disorders, Gaslighting, Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions, Health Issues, Incest, Parts Work, Physical Abuse, Powerlessness, Anger, Sexual Trauma, Confidence, Shame

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Sessions are available in English and German.
Please contact me via email for individual session rates and a free consultation call.

About Me:

I’ve been a trauma integration coach for seven years, but I’ve dealt with trauma for much longer. I suffered intense abuse throughout my youth, starting in my early childhood with extreme sexual abuse from a close family member, as well as emotional neglect, gaslighting and isolation. Navigating through that, I left home when I was nine to go to a boarding school for aspiring tennis players, but what I’d considered my dream was ruined when my tennis coach sexually abused me at age fifteen.

It’s hard to understand when you’re young, but being made a victim by people who are supposed to help you grow can shatter you. I dealt with addictions, shame, self-hate, depression and anxiety. When I wasn’t in unhealthy relationships, I completely isolated myself. Eating disorders left my body ravaged, and I had to stop pursuing my athletic career to find some way to heal from my trauma.

Eventually, I found Teal, her teachings and tools. I was part of her community and business for seven years and lived with her in the USA and Costa Rica. Learning the Completion Process firsthand, gives me extended and unique knowledge about all kinds of traumas, patterns and resolution. During my time with the team, I not only managed her events globally and was responsible for the team on site, I’ve also hosted and led three Completion Process retreats at Teal’s retreat center, Philia, organizing seven-day programs, and led group sessions. Having filled up my toolbox over the years and transforming my own pain, I’ve found my calling in helping people work through their trauma, and turn their wounds into freedom, joy and purpose.

I want to help you heal from the roots up so you can truly free yourself from your trauma, and from all the unhealthy patterns that have developed from it. It’s not a question of “what’s wrong with me?” but “what happened to me?” With the Completion Process, I’ll help you re-experience suppressed emotions and traumatic experiences, so you can start rebuilding yourself as a stronger, more confident person that is in touch with his authenticity, healthy habits, core, boundaries, desires, emotions, stability and purpose.


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