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Angela Catuna

Angela Catuna





Abandonment, Abundance, Self Acceptance, Anxiety, Boundaries Codependency, Narcisissm, Connection, Isolation, Depression, Gaslighting, Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions, Fear, Safety, General Practice, Grief, Alcoholic Family, Chronic Illness, Health Issues, Connecting With Your Heart, Parts Work, Powerlessness, Purpose, Relationships, Self Love, Confidence, Shame, Social Anxiety

Price Per Session:

120 CAD / session (90 min), package: 3 sessions / 333 CAD

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Sessions are held on:
Skype/FB Messenger/WhatsApp/Instagram

About Me:

"The way out of our negative emotions is into our negative emotions, the way out of our illusions is into our illusions, the way out of our suffering is into our suffering."
Teal's approach to healing has been extremely impactful in my life and the lives of those around me. I attended the CP training in California (2018), the Curveball retreat in Hawaii (2019), and the Seattle Synchronization Workshop (2018). During my Completion Process training I was told that I was one of the few Teal awarded the practitioner certificate to right away. During the Curveball retreat I realized that my soul's purpose is to help people heal.
Trauma is distress without resolution. Imagine yourself throwing a pebble into the water. See how the ripples get bigger and bigger. Your trauma is the pebble and the experiences you are a match to are the ripples. They become bigger and bigger so that you can see and integrate your trauma. I would be honored to offer my presence and intuition to guide you through your journey and help you heal.
Together we will become aware of your feelings, let them come up, stay with them, let them run their course without wanting to make them different and change them. It is resistance that keeps feelings going. When we give up resisting or trying to modify a feeling it will shift to the next feeling and be accompanied by a lighter sensation. A feeling that is not resisted will disappear as the energy behind it dissipates. By using the Completion Process and Parts Work I will help you embrace and validate your emotions, meet them with love and acceptance and offer them the healing they need to experience. As a result, you will get closer and closer to yourself and use choice and free will to live in alignment with who you are.

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