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Abandonment, Abundance, Self Acceptance, Ancestral Trauma, Anxiety, Core Negative Imprint, Fear, Safety, Grief, Health Issues, Connecting With Your Heart, Panic Attacks, Parts Work, PTSD, Self Love, Social Anxiety

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Hi my name is Susanne. I have come to believe it is possible to heal from anything if one wants it with their whole heart and never gives up. You must be ready to heal if you are on this website!

After a lifetime of struggling within and making poor decisions that caused so much pain for myself and others, I found myself at the age of 52 desperate to be whole. This is when I met Teal and took her training and my life has never been the same.

Like many others, my child hood was lonely with zero emotional connection. My parents were the 50's generation that bought Doctor Spocks bestseller childcare book and heeded his radical recommendation to put the baby to bed with a bottle, close the door and let them cry themselves to sleep. And don't pick them up till morning! They didn't listen to their hearts and this broke my little heart with soul wounds of abandonment and rejection that I struggled with all my life. After one session, I felt my pain as a baby forsaken in the crib and understood why life was so difficult for me always conflicted within. After more sessions, I witnessed huge breakthoughs and noticeable transformations in my personality and in my connection with others. Others noticed, especially my grown children and I had renewed relatioships with them. In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful inner healing itechniques in the world if you're ready for it.

It's not easy to work with or recognize your own core wounded parts. We all have a protective part that resists painful emotions. Having a practicioner that can guide you is the key to making real progress. For the last twenty years, I have been a student of all kinds of healing modalities, self-help and spiritual texts and teachers trying to find answers and that magic bullet to find joy and peace within. Shadow work and facing the truth about yourself is the doorway to freedom. All the rest is the icing on the cake after you have pulled your roots from the past and reconnected with your true self. I am forever grateful to Teal for her process and willingness to teach others.

Being a practicioner in the energy work field for 13 years and an empath has blessed me with being able to understand people in a very deep way. In my past work career I have worked with survivors of sexual assault, war veterans and hospice patients. I can feel people deeply and this is a gift that serves well with this work. I can gently lead you to where you want to go and it's always a beautiful experience. Read the reviews on my website!

I love being a witness to people in a session, recognizing they had the power all along to be present for themselves and reconnect with their true being. Re-connecting with our innocence and true nature is part of this mysterious process and will be the birth of an amazing relationship with yourself that will last forever.

Deep within us there is a place that is untouched by life’s pain. We can learn how to access this space and connect with it more deeply. This process is one way. Our psyche is a beautiful, mysterious creation geared for healing love and joy. When you decide to be present for yourself unconditionally without judgement, accepting all the ways you feel, you will witness the universe move on your behalf to bring you back to wholeness. Don't wait!

If you are ready to shift your life forward, let's chat. I look forward to hearing from you!



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